Beware, This Causes Anger and Emotions at Work

Anger is one of the emotions that arises when you feel offended or get an unacceptable attitude from another person. This attitude can occur at work, especially when the workload is high.

In fact, the little things that happen can make him feel angry and emotional, which is understandable. In addition, this feeling of irritability can make a person more sensitive to stressful situations, including work in the office.

In someone who is easily angered, the impact on the work environment may be felt. But, what, the heck, causes someone to get angry and emotional at work? By knowing the cause, the appropriate treatment action can certainly be done.

Various Causes of Irritability and Emotions at Work
1. Stress
A person who is under stress usually feels more irritable and irritated than usual. When a person is feeling depressed, it is more difficult to hold back emotions.

Therefore, it is important to know the early signs of stress and take steps to deal with it. That way, emotional control so that you don’t get angry easily with other people who don’t make big mistakes can be minimized.

2. Depression
The cause of irritability and emotions at work is depression. Not only irritability, someone who experiences this condition can also experience feelings of sadness and fatigue at the same time. However, this feeling of irritability is more common in men, even along with aggressiveness and substance abuse.

Therefore, if you experience feelings of irritability, you should immediately get a mental condition examination. That way, relationships with co-workers are well maintained.

3. Anxiety Disorders
Feelings of anxiety often occur as a result of responses to situations in life, one of which is problems at work. When feelings of anxiety get worse, it can certainly affect daily activities and even relationships with coworkers.

Because, someone who experiences this condition is easier to be provoked by his emotions, even arguing with other people. Immediate treatment is very important to do so as not to cause other bigger problems.

Anxiety disorders can also cause a person to experience panic attacks. This makes a person try to avoid various things that trigger him to avoid it. By thinking about the triggers, a person can become more irritable and irritable.

4. Lack of sleep
Lack of sleep can make a person more irritable and have difficulty controlling emotions the next day. One of the causes of a person not getting enough and quality sleep is insomnia.

Therefore, every adult needs to sleep at least 7 hours every day at night. It’s sometimes difficult to do it when the work is piling up, but try to get some sleep instead of staying up all night.