How To Reduce Your Sugar Intake

We all know eating high amounts of sugar is bad for our health but sugar is in almost everything we consume throughout the day, this can mean that you may be eating more sugar than you think on a daily basis.

There are ways you can reduce and manage your sugar intake for the betterment of your health and the health of your teeth. If you are concerned about the effect sugar is having on your teeth you should cut down your sugar intake and make an appointment with your local dentist in Milton Keynes, who will be able to offer you advice.

Drink Less Fizzy Drinks And Energy Drinks

Energy drinks and fizzy drinks can contain very high levels of sugar and regular consumption can negatively affect your overall health. To put this into perspective the NHS recommends that adults should not have more than 30g of sugar per day and a single can of Coke has 35g of sugar.

This means that if you wake up in the morning and drink a can of Coke you are already over your NHS recommended sugar intake for the entire day. Energy drinks can be even worse, with some energy drinks containing around 80g of sugar in a 500ml drink. This puts you at almost 3 times your recommended sugar intake for the day.

Pay Attention To The Traffic Light Labels On Packets

Most food and drinks sold at supermarkets have a colour-coded traffic light label on the packaging, this shows how much fat, saturation, sugar and salt is in a product. To make it easier for people to understand this information there are 3 different colours denoting how healthy products are.

This ranges from red, which means that the product has a very high amount of one of the above food groups and should not be consumed often. Amber is the next rating foods that have amber ratings should be eaten occasionally, but only sometimes. Finally, green labels mean that the food can be eaten whenever and is the healthiest type of food.

Cut Down On The Condiments

Did you know that condiments such as tomato ketchup can contain 20g of sugar per 100g serving, meaning that you may actually be eating a higher amount of sugar than you think throughout the day? If you eat condiments like tomato ketchup daily you should consider reducing the amount you put on your plate on a daily basis to help cut down your sugar intake.

Eat Proper Meals And Cut Down On Snacks

It may sound counterintuitive but instead of eating diet food, you should eat full-fat foods as these keep you full for longer periods of time than foods that have a lower fat content, meaning that you are less likely to indulge yourself by eating sugary snacks. Some snacks such as sticky sweets can actually cause your teeth to shift in your mouth, if you think this might be happening you should make an appointment with your orthodontics in Milton Keynes.